W-17: Mindfulness & Acceptance Practices for Students, Teachers and Parents

1:30PM – 4:30PM | Regency C

This presentation will explore the use of mindfulness and acceptance interventions across stakeholders, including students, teachers and parents. School-wide, small group and targeted individual mindfulness and acceptance approaches will be overviewed. This hands-on, practical seminar will provide participants with the following: 1) a brief understanding of the research supporting the use of mindfulness and acceptance practices across students, teachers and parents; 2) information about the use of theories behind mindfulness and acceptance approaches addressing prevention, early intervention and targeted intervention services, and; 3) practical experience using mindfulness and acceptance techniques and interventions. This seminar is designed for attendees at any experience level.

Melissa L. Holland, PhD, is an Associate Professor of School Psychology at the California State University, Sacramento) and has a private practice specializing in work with children, adolescents, and their families. She is both a licensed clinical psychologist and a certified school psychologist. Her publications focus on the emotional health of children.  Dr. Holland also presents workshops at regional and national conferences on the topic of children’s mental health and acts as a consultant in schools on the topic of social emotional learning and the use of mindfulness, cognitive, and behavioral strategies with students.

Note: Workshop handouts will be placed online prior to the event. CASP will charge $10 per day for anyone requesting printed handouts.
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