W-10: Preparing for Launch: Best Practices in Transition Assessment and Planning

2:00PM – 5:00PM | Carmel AB

My special education director recently said to a group of parents of 8th grade students, “The moment your students walk through the doors of our high schools, we begin planning for their departure.” What she meant was that the high school years are intended to prepare students for launch into young adulthood. But how are we doing with that? And how do we know? What role should the school psychologist play in transition assessment and planning, and how can we be a support to the process of transition? This interactive workshop will explore best practices in comprehensive transition assessment and the development of effective transition plans and goals for students in high school and post- secondary.

Jana Parker is currently working as a program specialist for Fremont Union High School District and Santa Clara County SELPA II, with a focus on transition.  Prior to her current role she worked as a school psychologist for twelve years.  Jana has additionally worked in private practice as a Licensed Educational Psychologist for the past six years, providing assessment services, educational and IEP coaching, and workshops for parents and professionals.

Jennifer Baldassari, Senior Counsel in Lozano Smith’s Walnut Creek Office. She works to proactively develop preventative practices to help avoid costly disputes, including reviewing current policies, practices, and procedures for systemic issues and legal compliance.

Note: Workshop handouts will be placed online prior to the event. CASP will charge $10 per day for anyone requesting printed handouts.
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