W-03: Law and Ethics: Part II – Ethics

1:30AM – 4:30PM | Regency A
These two workshops combine to satisfy the six-hour requirement in law and ethics for licensed educational psychologists needed during each two-year licensing cycle. Law & Ethics also satisfies the three-hour requirement for Nationally Certified School Psychologists for each three-year renewal period.

The objective of this interactive presentation will be to review laws, regulations and ethics governing the role of school psychologists and Licensed Educational Psychologists (LEPs). Through the use of a foundational ethical problem-solving model, this presentation covers current ethical considerations through case studies and collaboration to assist school psychologists and LEPs in navigating various ethical dilemmas in daily practice.

Part I – Law will be taught by Carl D. Corbin, JD., General Counsel, School and College Legal Services of California.

Part II – Ethics will be taught by Kristin Makena.

9:00AM – 12:00PM

W-02: Law and Ethics: Part I – Law

1:30PM – 4:30PM

W-03: Law and Ethics: Part II – Ethics

Carl D. Corbin of School and College Legal Services of California graduated from Gallaudet University with a Psy.S. in school psychology, worked over five years in public school districts as a school psychologist, is a LEP (inactive) and NCSP, and obtained his law degree at University of California, Boalt Hall.

Kristin Makena, PhD(c), LEP, NCSP, is a special education administrator and former senior school psychologist for the San Diego Unified School District. Over the last decade her work has focused on mental health issues, crisis and trauma response and social-emotional wellbeing. Makena is a PhD candidate at Saybrook University where she is studying Integrated Mental Health. She is the CASP Ethics Specialist, past NASP Delegate and a recipient of CASP’s Nadine Lambert Outstanding School Psychologist Award.

Note: Workshop handouts will be placed online prior to the event. CASP will charge $10 per day for anyone requesting printed handouts.
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