W-31: Tough Kids, Cool Counseling
10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Act fast! This workshop is near maximum capacity!

This workshop will help attendees articulate evidence-based relationship factors and technical procedures that contribute to positive counseling outcomes; acquire skills for using numerous cognitive, emotional, and constructive intervention strategies; and develop awareness s of and be able to address important multicultural counseling issues with teenagers.

Dr. John Sommers-Flanagan is a clinical psychologist and professor of counselor education at the University of Montana. He has authored over 60 articles and nine books, including Tough Kids, Cool Counseling (2007), How to Listen so Parents Will Talk and Talk so Parents Will Listen (2011), and Clinical Interviewing (6th ed., 2017).

Strand: B, Topic: 2, Level: I-III
NASP Domain: 8