W-04: Advanced Practices in Using PSW to Identify SLD
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

This workshop closely examines the data-based, decision-making procedures required to make a defensible determination of SLD when using the PSW model. The workshop, which takes the perspective of Ventura County’s PSW Model and Dehn’s PSW Model, begins with a review of the law, rationale, and evidence-base for PSW. This is followed by recommendations for selecting and classifying tests that measure neuropsychological processes that are highly predictive of achievement; the most defensible ways to analyze the test scores; profiles that suggest specific learning disabilities and dyslexia; how the PSW approach might be used with ELL and African-American students; and how to use PSW assessment to identify specific neuropsychological weaknesses, such as different types of memory weaknesses, that can inform interventions.  

Dr. Milton Dehn is a nationally recognized expert on psychological processing assessment, PSW, and working memory. He is the author of Essentials of Processing Assessment, 2nd Edition and The Psychological Processing Analyzer, as well as several books on children’s memory problems. Dr. Dehn is now a private practice school psychologist and the program director for Schoolhouse Educational Services, an agency in La Crosse, Wisconsin that provides assessment, consultation, and tutoring for children with learning and memory disabilities.

Kim Charnofsky, MS, LEP, MS, LEP, has served as a school psychologist for 20 years in the Conejo Valley Unified School District. Charnofsky was a founding member of Ventura County’s PSW Committee, became the lead author of the COMPARES (Comprehensive Organizational Matrix of Processing-Achievement Relations, Evaluating Significance), and helped develop and co-present training materials to the PSW lead psychologists within Ventura County. Over the last several years, she has provided CVUSD transition support for the PSW approach through a series of in-services and consultative coaching sessions for school psychologists, teachers, and speech/language therapists. She also leads the Ventura County CRANIUM team; a group of volunteer researchers who help keep the COMPARES updated.

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