W-16: District-Wide Practices for Interventions and Assessment of Social-Emotional-Behavioral Needs
1:30 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

Within a single district, school psychologists have different perspectives and practices for interventions and assessments of students with social-emotional-behavioral needs. This means that a child may meet the eligibility criteria for Autism according to the evaluating school psychologist, but another psychologist within the same district may find the child eligible under the category of Emotional Disturbance. Psychologist teams, such as the psychologist team at Oakley Union Elementary School District, benefit from developing a linear and collaborative process for providing interventions, completing assessments, and determining eligibility for children with social-emotional-behavioral needs. Adopting a uniform and team-centered practice increases continuity across sites within the school district, ensures that students participate in appropriate interventions prior to the psychoeducational assessment, and allows for more defensible eligibility determinations and recommendations. This workshop will review the process adopted by OUESD and provide guidance for developing a collaborative practice based on the needs of your school district.

SaraBeth Bavin, M.A., Ed.S. is a school psychologist and adjunct Instructor for Oakley Union Elementary School District and Brandman University.

Strand: C, Topic: 1, Level: II
NASP Domain: 1, 2, 4