W-08: Don’t Suspend Me: Equity in School Discipline
9:00 p.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This workshop has reached maximum capacity.

This workshop is designed to shine a light on the disproportionality in school discipline with special education students. The purpose of the workshop is to help school psychologists understand the positive impact of creating an effective behavior system addressing general education and special education that are equitable for ALL students. An alternative discipline overview will be provided using the book Don’t Suspend Me! as a framework for designing effective discipline using restorative, reflective, and instructional methods of support. Essentially, the focus is to help school psychologists learn how they can use their behavior expertise to help school behavior teams and leadership design effective behavior alternatives designed to teach behavior, rather than suspend them from school. Admission for this workshop is $95.00 ($135 non-members).

Dr. Jessica Hannigan has 11 years of experience as school psychologist, school site administrator, district office administrator, higher education adjunct faculty/professor, county Skill Level: trainer/consultant, state Skill Level: trainer/consultant, trainer of school administrators (site Skill Level: and district Skill Level:), educational author and advocate with emphasis in academic and behavioral systems to increase student achievement and social emotional outcomes for all students.

Dr. John Hannigan has 14 years of experience as teacher/coach, curriculum support provider, and administrator with emphasis in curriculum and instruction, interventions, and school-wide systems to increase student achievement. He has been a principal at Ronald W. Reagan Elementary, San Diego Unified School District since 2009.

Strand: B, Topic: 3 Skill Level: I-III
NASP Domain: 5