Law & Ethics

Law & Ethics

W-34: Law and Ethics: Part I – Law
9:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

W-35: Law and Ethics: Part II – Ethics
1:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

These two workshops combined satisfy the six-hour requirement in law and ethics for licensed educational psychologists for every two-year licensing cycle. Law & Ethics also satisfies the three-hour requirement for Nationally Certified School Psychologists every three- year renewal period.

The objectives of this presentation will be to review the laws, regulations, and ethical rules governing the role of a school psychologist and Licensed Educational Psychologist (LEP). The workshop will be delivered through use of a comprehensive booklet and supplemental materials. The presentation will provide guidance to school psychologists and LEPs in navigating difficult dilemmas in daily practice.

Part I – Law will be taught by Carl D. Corbin, JD., General Counsel, School and College Legal Services of California.
Part II – Ethics will be taught by Beth Laurie.

Carl D. Corbin of School and College Legal Services of California graduated from Gallaudet University with a Psy.S. in school psychology, worked over five years in public school districts as a school psychologist, is a LEP (inactive) and NCSP, and obtained his law degree at University of California, Boalt Hall.

Beth Laurie, M.Ed., NCSP, ABSNP, LEP is a bilingual school psychologist with the Santa Barbara County Education Office. In her work with the public schools, Laurie is the owner and operator of Positive Assessment Solutions and Strategies (PASS), a private practice dedicated to conducting strengths-based psychoeducational assessments and interventions for children and young adults.

Strand: C, Topic: 20, Skill Level: II
NASP Domain: 10