W-25: Maximizing Your Internship and First Year
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

This presentation begins with the basics of office organization, file tracking, and calendar skills. The techniques derive from the research of David Allen, Stever Robinson, and Stephen Covey. Their techniques are modified to apply to school psychology. Each attendee will be taught direct skills and given specific examples for implementing the best of these skills in their daily practice. Maximizing the internship year will ensure the most opportunities for learning and best chance for a successful career.
This is a free workshop. Please register for it to ensure you get your seat.

Dr. Jerry L. Turner is a licensed educational psychologist, lead school psychologist for a mid-size district, consulting psychologist (APA), author, private pilot, Marine combat veteran, and adjunct college professor. As a mentor, he guides interns through their in-service hours. He has worked as a school psychologist with grade levels, K – college.

David Faoro is a school psychologist and adjunct professor in Southern California. As a committed father with community obligations he relies on technical skills to help meet the demands of professional and personal commitments.

Strand: C, Topic: 2, Skill Level: I
NASP Domain: 10