W-04: Psycho-Educational Assessment of Complex Cases of Emotional Disturbance: A Case Study Approach
2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Act fast! This workshop is near maximum capacity!

This workshop will enhance school psychologists’ skills in assessing emotional disturbance and writing comprehensive psycho-educational reports. Learning how to utilize the diagnostic structure and descriptions from the DSM-5 can enrich the utility of the assessment reports and facilitate clearer communication between school-based personnel and non-school based clinicians who may not fully understand IDEIA. Using a case study approach, this workshop will demonstrate how to utilize skillful observation, sensitive interpersonal and interviewing skills, therapeutic rapport, and pupil case histories, along with psychological and psychoeducational test findings, to arrive at legally defensible eligibility determinations and effective and useful psychoeducational and therapeutic recommendations.

Dr. Carl Totton, PsyD., is chair and professor, Department of School Psychology at Phillips Graduate University, and a licensed clinical and educational psychologist. He has worked in schools, colleges, hospitals, clinics and rehabilitation agencies, and in private practice. Dr. Totton is board certified in school neuropsychology and is a frequent workshop presenter.

Strand: C, Topic: 1, Skill Level: III
NASP Domain: 4