R-16: The Emotion Cube
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

The Emotion Cube is the first-of-its-kind social skills training tool using the technology of augmented reality (β€œAR”). The purpose of the cube is to increase student engagement during individual or group counseling sessions, helping children identify feelings and emotions with the use of 3D images in the palm of their hand. Though there are more studies needed to fully investigate the positive effects on the cube and student outcomes, the prognosis appears to be promising across many domains. The cube can be used by School Psychologists, Speech Language Pathologists, Teachers, and Support Staff for all students in both elementary and secondary programs. It is the hope that with the use of the cube, students make progress at a faster, more efficient rate, resulting in an overall decreased need for intervention.

Natasha Chaja and Kevin Chaja, school psychologists, Burbank Unified School District.

Strand: B, Topic: 12, Skill Level: II