R-03: What’s the Big Secret?
Informing Students of their Disability, Abilities and the need for Self-Advocacy Skills
10:30 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

This presentation will provide a comprehensive view of the importance of acquainting student with their learning disability and how it affects their learning. The importance of a strengths-based approach to learning and basics regarding research in brain development that helps students understand how they can learn despite their disability will be discussed. Strategies, including sample curriculum and web-based programs, available to teach self-advocacy skills will be discussed and explored. Familiarizing students with the process of requesting accommodations and the larger educational framework that surrounds accommodations in higher education is a necessary service. Thus, the need for transition plans that actively involve learning disabled adolescents in the decision making process is critical. Procedures as well as sample post-secondary documents and types of documentation required to attain disability services will be provided.

Jane McGuire, School Psychology Program director and professor, California Baptist University.

Strand: A, Topic: 7, Skill Level: II