P-05: Sequalae of Trauma: Early Identification of Victims, Interventions and Trauma Informed Practices
9:00 a.m. – 9:50 a.m.

This presentation will inform participants about the prevalence of childhood trauma and its deleterious, long-term consequences. Attendees will learn about methods for the identification of trauma victims and about existing trauma-informed, evidence-based practices. Inequities in prevalence of trauma across ethnic and socioeconomic groups as well as culturally-informed approaches to trauma will be discussed. Following this presentation, participants will take away ideas for their own research or practice on how to build and support trauma informed school environments.

Lizbeth Ramirez, school psychologist/doctoral student and Jenna Perez, school psychologist, University of Oregon.

Strand: E, Topic: 10, Skill Level: II