This presentation will bring awareness to graduates about student loan repayment programs and forgiveness programs offered by the Department of Education that you may qualify for that your federal lenders will not make you aware of. Student Optimum Services president David Kazarian will explain the qualifications and criteria you must meet to be approved for aforementioned programs. Additional panel members to be determined.

Strand: E, Topic: 1 Level: I

David Kazarian, president of Student Optimum Services, achieved his MBA from Occidental College in Los Angeles and has a background in international trade and finance. He is a certified student loan forgiveness specialist by the Association for Student Loan Relief (AFSLR) and a licensed Credit Repair Specialist. Student Optimum Services, which has three offices in California (Glendale, Riverside, and most recently, San Diego), educates and assists graduates with enrollment into the program that best suits their individual situation.