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The practice of mindfulness has gained popularity in the past decade. The practice is backed by many empirically validated studies, and benefits of a consistent mindfulness practice are vast, including increased emotional regulation, empathy, compassion, and decreased stress and anxiety. There is not one single way to practice mindfulness; the techniques are deceivingly simple yet can be challenging to maintain. In this hour long class, we will practice a variety of techniques which promote mindfulness, dive a little deeper into the meaning of the practice, and discuss some simple ways to incorporate mindfulness-based practices both in our daily lives and in to the routines of our students and teachers.┬áThis class will be held outside, so please wear comfortable clothes, bring a mat, towel or pillow (whatever you are comfortable with), – and bring something to write with.

Michon Affinto, MS, BCaBA is a first year school psychologist at High Tech High School in San Diego. She has a background in ABA and autism, and has practiced yoga for nearly eight years after ending a 15-year competitive swimming career. Affinto has been a certified yoga instructor since 2013 and enjoys incorporating breathing techniques, mindfulness, and self-regulation into her work with students and teachers.