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This poster will present the results of a single subject, multiple-baseline design study on the use of a positive psychology intervention. The intervention, positive written emotional expression, is a nonintrusive intervention that teachers can implement at the Tier 1 level. The presentation will include a discussion of the research design, graphs of on-task and off-task behaviors over time, and an analysis of trend, level, and variability of data. Finally, the presentation will demonstrate that gratitude writing, a simple and cost-effective intervention, was effective in reducing disruptive behavior in students with noncompliant, inattentive, and mildly aggressive behaviors.

Strand: F, Topic: 13, Level: I

Dr. Karen Ottone-Cross, assistant professor of school psychology, assistant professor of school psychology, California Baptist University; Dr. Melissa A. Bray, professor and director of school psychology, University of Connecticut.