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The purpose of this Single Case Design is to investigate the effects of repeated reading with dual language learners. According to NAEP 2015, only 29 % of the DLL eight grade students are performing at proficiency levels in reading. This means that 71 % of eighth grade Dual Language learners are either performing at basic or below basic level in reading. For the current study, three 6th grade female students were selected based on two English Language Arts teachers’ recommendations. The results indicated that repeated reading is an effective intervention but should be implemented more than two times a week in order to see more promising results. Overall, the results suggest that the reading interventions in study benefited students’ accuracy when reading. Limitations and implications based on study are discussed.

Strand: A, Topic: 1, Level: I

Elizabeth Medina, school psychology trainee; Dr. Katina M. Lambros, School Psychology Program associated professor and director, San Diego State University.