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The impact of acquired and traumatic brain injury (TBI) on learning and school function are of critical importance. Schools can be a great resource for helping in the recovery and facilitating the successful participation in school, if the needs of these students are understood and proper interventions employed. Without proper knowledge, students are often misdiagnosed or under-identified, leaving them with less than adequate support to succeed in school. In this session, participants will learn important aspects of brain injury related to learning, behavior, psychosocial dynamics of the students and their families. They will be introduced to best practice approaches for school re-entry and leave with examples of strategies, accommodations and assessment implications for students with Traumatic & Acquired Brain Injuries.

Strand: A, Topic: 1, Level: II

Cindy Pahr M.Ed., CBIST, Physical & Health Impairment Education Specialist, Brain Injury Services Coordinator, San Diego Unified School District.