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How can school psychologists improve their consultation services within diverse schools? This presentation reports the results of research and case studies that illustrate diversity issues in multicultural consultation. This research reports one of the few school psychology uses of qualitative computer assisted analyses (NVivo) to study culture in school consultation, focusing on the types of support consultants sought and received from peers. The case studies, from real consultation cases of novice consultants, reveal key issues consultants faced and how they navigated cross-cultural issues that arose. Participants will learn strategies to improve their own practice of multicultural consultation.

Strand: F, Topic: 2,5, Level: II-III

Dr. Colette L. Ingraham, NCSP, professor; Dr. Jennica L. Paz, NCSP, assistant professor; and Dr. Katina M. Lambros, BCBA-D, associate professor, San Diego State University.