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Foster Youth Lives Matter! It matters that they graduate from high school. It matters that they are recruited to attend college. It matters that they receive a college degree and even a graduate degree! Currently, the pipeline for youth in foster care does not lead to college access and graduation success. The purpose of this workshop is to eradicate the pipeline to prison, prostitution, and unemployment for some foster youth (and those that age out of the system).  Participants will gain knowledge about the current pipeline to college for current and former foster youth. Participants will also gain knowledge and awareness of effective strategies, resources, and programs for improving the pipeline to college access and graduation success. Lastly, audience members will participate in “listen, learn, and share” focus groups to improve the pipeline to brainstorm ways to improve the college pipeline within their own district/schools.

Strand: F, Level: II

Dr. Tonika Duren Green, school psychology faculty, San Diego State University; Ashley Kruger, school counselor, Murrieta School District; Susan Alejandre Martinez, school counselor, Mission Hills High School, San Marcos; and Daunte Haynes, school psychologist, King Chavez Charter, San Diego.