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School psychology is a demanding and ever-evolving profession. Current research reflects a trend towards early attrition, amplifying a concern that need will outpace the number of trained practitioners available to embrace it (Proctor & Steadman, 2003). This presentation will address the most referenced causes of burnout and their inverse relationship to reflection in and on action (Schön, 1983). The discussion will include how reflectiveness can be encouraged by an enriched physical environment (Knight & Haslam, 2010) and provide participants personalized, data-driven, cross-disciplinary recommendations they can immediately integrate into their practice.

Strand: B, Topic: 3, Level: I

Dr. Stephanie Domzalski, NCSP, LEP, owner, Southern California Educational Assessment and Consultation; Jenna Parsons, MA, Certified Yoga Instructor, School Psychologist, Huntington Beach City School District.