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What are best practices and evidence-based approaches for providing multicultural supervision in the culturally and linguistically diverse schools and communities of California? How can supervisors support professionals of all cultural backgrounds to develop the unique competencies for school psychology practice? Grounded in available research and our combined years of experience as supervisors of majority and minority culture professionals, we will outline best practice models and strategies to prepare supervisors and supervisees for beneficial supervisory experiences. The presenters of this paper have experiences across multiple contexts for school psychology practice, including school-based and clinical settings and within applied research using direct and consultative interventions.

Strand: A, Topic: 1, Level: II-III

Dr. Colette L. Ingraham, NCSP, professor of school psychology; Dr. Jennica L. Paz, NCSP and Dr. Katina M. Lambros, BCBA-D, associate professors, San Diego State University.