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Teaching is a highly stressful occupation. Teacher stress is associated with poor instructional practices, lower job satisfaction, and higher likelihood of leaving the profession. Thus, retention of teachers is a significant concern. This study examined the psychosocial wellbeing of early career teachers in Southern California and their classroom contexts using (1) daily self-evaluations of wellbeing, (2) survey of overall psychosocial functioning, and (3) observations of teachers’ classroom environment. Participants will learn strategies to support teacher wellbeing by identifying aspects of school contexts that contribute to wellbeing, assisting schools to target areas for enhancement, supporting teacher retention, and promoting student achievement.

Strand: D, Topic: 2, Level: II

Hector Teran, B.A., Sara Lee, B.A and Lucia Serio, M.A., graduate students; Dr. Elina Saeki, professor, California State University, Los Angeles.