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Many school districts have been exploring the PSW Model for identifying students under the SLD classification. This panel will be assembled from key PSW leaders and practitioners from districts within the Ventura County SELPA. As districts have been exploring the PSW Model, many questions have arisen, including how to get the process started, utilizing research-based approaches, how to overcome various challenges inherent in change, and working with different members of the IEP team to ensure efficiency and efficacy. Dialogue among practicing professionals can be a powerful tool to build competency, share resources, and establish a support network while implementing change.

Strand: F, Topic: 4, 5, Level: I-III

Jenny L. Ponzuric, LEP, JLJ Consulting; Danielle Edwards, program specialist, Simi Valley Unified School District; Dr. Skye Stifel, program specialist, Ventura Unified School District; Kim Charnofsky, school psychologist, LEP, Somis Union School District and Mesa Union School District.