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California has one of the highest percentages of dual language learners (DLLs) in the country, and many of who are disproportionately placed in special education. Due to the unique characteristics of DLLs, interpretation of test scores can be challenging.  For example, cognitive test batteries administered to DLLs do not guarantee that obtained scores are either reliable or valid for interpretation. In this session, participants will: (a) gain knowledge of factors to consider when determining the validity of test scores obtained by DLLs, (b) gain knowledge about the C-LIM (Flanagan, Ortiz, & Alfonso 2013), and (c) learn to apply the C-LIM to inform interpretation of obtained cognitive test scores for DLLs.  

Strand: A, Topic: 1, Skill Level: I

Dr. Arlene Ortiz, NCSP, assistant professor; Addison Anne Calkins, BS; Christine Quecan, BA; and Kyung-Min Chang, MBA; graduate students, California State University, Sacramento.