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As school-based consultants and systems change agents, school psychologists have the potential to be school leaders in efforts to reduce the discipline gap within our schools and improve overall school climate. With strong foundations in behavioral and social-emotional support systems, school psychologists are well-situated to advocate for school discipline systems that are less punitive and exclusionary and more restorative and equitable. As research in the area of restorative justice for school discipline is still limited, its demonstrated potential for use within MTSS frameworks warrants continued exploration and efforts to build the relevant knowledge and capacity within school psychologists. Through the lenses of consultation and collaboration as well as systems-level service delivery, the purpose of this mini-skills workshop is to present existing research on restorative justice practices throughout MTSS and provide opportunities for dialogue and action planning for practicing school psychologists and students. This workshop is appropriate for school psychologists who are interested in leading systems change efforts within their schools, for students interested in contributing to research in this area, and/or anyone who is interested in learning about restorative justice in schools. Attendees will walk away with stronger foundational knowledge of restorative justices within MTSS, several tangible key skills, relevant resources, and an action plan to increase restorative practices in their respective school communities. 

Strand: F, Topic: 10, Skill Level: II

Dr. Annmary Abdou, assistant professor of school psychology; Katheryn Munguia, Anaiza Valladolid and Leah Benci-Woodward, graduate students, Chapman University.