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The purpose of this mini-skills workshop is to provide practitioners with knowledge of empirical research behind PASS Theory, and demonstrate the practicality of the Discrepancy Consistency Method (DCM) for determining a pattern of strengths and weaknesses (PSW) for SLD eligibility, using real case study examples, from a practitioner’s perspective. PASS Theory is research based, straight-forward to use, leads to intervention, and is equitable across diverse populations. Additionally, results are simple to explain to parents and educators for better understanding and intervention. This PSW approach is consistent with IDEA regulations and it answers the question, “Why does the student fail?” Real case studies will be shown, which illustrate how the PSW method can be accomplished for several different types of students and several different assessment tools, specifically the CAS2, FAR, and FAM, and also comparing more mainstream assessment tools. 

Strand: A, Topic: I, Level: I-III

Jana Parker, MS, LEP, ABSNP, school psychologist and Licensed Educational Psychologist, Menlo Park City School District and Parker Educational Consulting.