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The stress and demands of a career in the school psychology profession can prove to be both emotionally and physically exhausting. If we are going to continue to be effective practitioners, it is critical that we understand how to replenish our energies and once again appreciate the joy working in a helping profession can provide us.  Participants will examine and self-explore areas such as; the anatomy of stress from upset through crisis, effective coping strategies in handling stress, the stress cycle, the issue of conflicts and insatiability in meeting our psychological needs, identifying our level of contentment, choosing ways to live, recognizing cognitive and perceptual assumptions, exploring disclosure and feedback, utilizing the Johari Window, confronting the issues of diversity, trust, risk and participation. At the conclusion of this session each participant will have an individual profile of those personal factors that may be contributing to stress within their profession and/or loss of career satisfaction.

Paul De Sena, Ed.D is a professor of counselor education and chairperson of the Department of Education, director of the school psychology programs, and served as the director of counselor education at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles where he has been a faculty member for 47 years. He also served as the director of internship and field experiences at LMU and school of education co-coordinator and Counseling Center counselor.