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Because school psychologists are trained to utilize compassion and empathy for their work to be effective, they are particularly vulnerable to emotional stress and compassion fatigue (CF), which is made up of burnout and secondary traumatic stress where some professionals take on the trauma of the people they’re helping or the people they love. The goal of this workshop is to assist school psychologists in identifying the symptom of compassion fatigue in themselves and others, understand the impact of compassion fatigue on their work and ultimately to great and maintain healthy work practices that ultimately protect them from compassion fatigue.

CASP Members: $70.00
Non-Members: $100.00

Strand: B, Level: II-III

Dr. Charity Plaxton-Hennings serves as the director of Mental Health and Psychological Services in Riverside Unified School District. She is a certified trauma professional and has worked in a variety of settings including serving as a university faculty member, private practitioner, legal consultant and special education administrator.