This workshop serves to educate and train regarding a hidden facet of child sex trafficking not normally discussed: familial trafficking, as well as some of its more severe psychological effects and appropriate response in the classroom. Pimp-based trafficking is usually what is discussed regarding CSEC; yet familial trafficking manifests differently with different signs, symptoms, and response. In addition to being a school psychologist and mental health clinician, the presenter is a survivor of familial sex trafficking in early childhood and is an advocate and public speaker. In the spirit of the conference, she will also be discussing self-care and vicarious trauma when working with students who have been trafficked.

CASP Members: $70.00
Non-Members: $100.00

Strand: F, Topic: 10,13,21, Level: II
NASP Domain: 4, 6 

Danett Williams, Ed.S. is a school psychologist/clinician with KIPP Bay Area Schools. She pioneered and now runs a therapeutic partial day treatment program for emotionally disturbed students at KIPP Bridge Academy, a TK-8 charter school in the underserved area of East Oakland. Williams is also a survivor, speaker, and anti-familial sex trafficking educator/trainer working with the Survivors Healing, Advising and Dedicated to Empowerment (SHADE) movement in the Bay Area. Williams will be a panelist at the pre-convention Town Hall meeting on Wednesday, Nov. 7.