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In 2014, more than 68,000 unaccompanied minors were apprehended at United States Southern border after fleeing violence and trauma in their home countries. In San Francisco, as part of a response to this humanitarian crisis, a multidisciplinary task force was convened to develop ways to better support these children. The result was the innovative concept of school-based group intervention focusing on navigating family reunification and developing resiliency for unaccompanied minors from Central America. This program was named FUERTE: Family Reunification and Resiliency Training. FUERTE is an adaptive, trauma-informed curriculum comprised of 5 hour-long modules that help normalize the stressors related to immigration, family reunification and build resiliency skills in a safe school setting.
Early program evaluation data demonstrated a significant decrease in symptoms of anxiety and depression as demonstrated by decreased self-reported Pediatric Symptoms Checklist scores in program participants. More impressively, however, feedback from school staff, community providers and student participants have and continue to be overwhelmingly positive. One FUERTE facilitator stating that “what these kids need is a space, away, to remember their culture, create community, strengthen their identities and have an adult in their lives who care…FUERTE achieves all those things and more.”

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Strand: F, Topic: 2,3,6,19, Level: I-II
Domain: 4, 6

Marta Posada serves the Novato Unified School District newcomer students. She has experience in school counseling with English Learners and Immigrant Students over 10 years. Marta has skillfully brought compassion and dedication to NUSD students experiencing incredible transitions at young ages.

Heyman Oo, MD, MPH is a primary care pediatrician in Marin County and an Associate Physician/Clinical Instructor for the General Pediatrics Department at Zuckerberg San Francisco General and UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital. She is currently the Pediatric Champion at Marin Community Clinics for a pilot project with the Center for Youth Wellness screening for Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) in a pediatric primary care setting.

Karin Jinbo, MA is a school psychologist and educator with over 20 years of experiences in special education. She currently oversees behavioral health programs and services for Novato Unified School District and coordinates and facilitates the NUSD student/staff Health and Wellness Collaborative (SHaWC), with a unified effort toward coherent student supports beyond instruction.