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This workshop will begin with a review of the research on the relations between processing speed and cognitive abilities, achievement, and academic performance. A new approach for assessing processing speed that places more emphasis on measuring complex cognitive processing speed will be proposed, along with data from preliminary findings. The workshop will conclude with a review of interventions for processing speed weaknesses. 

CASP Members: $70.00
Non-Members: $100.00

Strand: F, Topic: 2, Level: II
NASP Domain:  1,3

Dr. Milton Dehn has worked as a school psychologist and trained school psychology graduate students for many years. He is a nationally recognized expert on processing assessment, working memory, and children’s long-term memory problems. Dr. Dehn is the author of Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention, Helping Students Remember, and Essentials of Processing Assessment, Second Edition. 

Jason Craig is a school psychologist for Texas School Neuropsychology and Educational Services. He owns and manages Texas School Neuropsychology and Education Services in Waco, Texas, which provides assessment and therapy services in multiple school districts in Central Texas.