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The relations between working memory and academic learning are well established. Students with specific learning disabilities frequently have underlying deficits in working memory. After a review of these relations, the working memory construct, and the neurological basis, assessment strategies will be suggested. This will be followed by details on working memory interventions for specific learning problems. These interventions include computerized training, teaching of working memory strategies, hands-on working memory exercises, academic accommodations, and long-term memory strategies that support a weak working memory.

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Strand: F, Topic: Culture, Linguistic and Diversity Issues, Level: II
Domain: 1,3,5

Dr. Milton Dehn is a nationally recognized expert on processing assessment, working memory, and children’s long-term memory problems. Dr. Dehn is the author of Essentials of Working Memory Assessment and Intervention, Helping Students Remember, and Essentials of Processing Assessment, Second Edition. After working as a school psychologist and training school psychology graduate students for many years, Dr. Dehn is now a private practice school psychologist and the program director for Schoolhouse Educational Services, an agency in La Crosse, Wisc., that provides assessment, consultation, and tutoring for children with learning and memory problems.