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What’s one of the biggest challenges facing our teachers today? Behavior. And which students present the most baffling, unique behaviors? Our awesome kids on the autism spectrum. We love them, but dealing with their behavior can be exhausting and time consuming supporting strategies for improving classroom behavior. We know what techniques will work, because the evidence supports it. This workshop will help you invest in your teachers, by giving them the tools they need to succeed in their classrooms. Our autistic students will reap the benefits, and they are definitely worth the investment.

CASP Members: $70.00
Non-Members: $100.00

Strand: F, Topic: 5, Level: III
NASP Domain: 2, 4

Wendela Whitcomb Marsh, MA, BCBA, RSD is an author, speaker and autism consultant. She has been a special education teacher and is a retired school psychologist and LEP. Whitcomb Marsh is a BCBA and owner of PIPS: Promoting Independence & Problem Solving, in Salem, Oregon.