With the US Supreme Court weighing in on the definition of “educational benefit” how can school psychologists make a defensible case for ID for the IEP team to consider and support the recommended goals the IEP team develops.  How can we demonstrate “educational benefit” to potentially skeptical parents? How do the diagnostic criteria changes in the DSM-5, help school psychologists making eligibility and service decisions? This workshop is designed to help IEP teams (Speech, School Psychologist, Resource Specialist and Administrator) make the determination of whether or not a student has an Intellectual Disability and addresses questions such as: How does one make the case for Intellectual Disability? How does one make meaningful recommendations when a student cannot perform on a standardized test of intelligence? And how does one make a convincing eligibility or recommendations to skeptical parents.

Dr. James Hiramoto is a school psychologist in the Brentwood Union School District with nearly 20 years of experience in the profession. He has spent five years as a school board member, nine years as a professor/program director, and over seven years with the Diagnostic Center, Northern California, CDE. He is currently CASP’s Region II Representative.