No matter the school, no matter the climate, there is a stigma about seeking mental health aid. School psychologists are the obvious school employees with the power to ease – if not end—that stigma. This workshop will explore how to talk to students, school personnel and parents about mental health, as well as campus activities that may be used to develop an understanding of mental health.

Susan K. Coats, Ed.D., L.E.P., is the CASP Chair on Mental Health and Crisis Consultation, a CDE Student Mental Health Policy Workgroup member, and a School Psychologist on Specialist Assignment for her district’s K-12 mental health and social emotional learning programs. She received U.S. Congressional Recognition for her work establishing the first NAMI High School Club in the East San Gabriel Valley in 2016, and in 2017 awarded “Child Advocate of the Year” from the California Mental Health Advocates for Children and Youth. In addition, she is a trainer for Youth Mental Health First Aid, PREPaRE, and the Student Mental Health Initiative.